10 Amazing Chuck Norris Facts

It has been decades since Chuck Norris has been a renowned name in karate as well as in the acting field. He has given brilliant performance series of successful and wonderful movies and the long-running CBS drama Walker, Texas Ranger. He has made his place in millions of hearts. If you are also one of them and looking for some of the Chuck Norris facts about your favorite star, then you are at the correct place. On the internet, it is very hard to find the real facts, and most of them are Chuck Norris fun facts about him, but here we have brought some of the amazing facts of Chuck Norris’s life.

If you also know some lesser-known facts of his life, please share them with us, we will post them on our website. Stay with us till the end of this article and glance at some of the best Chuck Norris facts.

1. Military veteran

Chuck Norris has been playing the character of badass military man but that is not all Hollywood movie magic. But in reality, also he had served in the military by joining the air force at the age of 18. His 4 year is stint proved to be life-changing. While serving at the Osan Airbase in South Korea, Norris took his first martial arts lessons, in Tang Soo Do.

2. Carlos Norris

Chuck Norris has played lots of roles over the course of his career but one role which you might not be familiar with is Carlos Norris. In his autobiography, Against All Odds: My Story, Norris revealed that the nickname Chuck has been given to him while serving in the air force in South Korea, but he was born with the name Carlos, in honor of his dad’s – minister. 

3. Brotherly Dedication

Norris’ most famous film role is Colonel James Braddock, the former prisoner of war who returns to Vietnam to save his captive comrades in Missing in Action and its sequels. That story was very personal for Norris, as his younger brother Wieland Norris was killed in Vietnam in 1970. Chuck later wrote that Wieland met his end “…while leading his squad through dangerous enemy territory. He had spotted an enemy patrol laying a trap and was trying to warn his men when the Vietcong cut him down.” Norris dedicated Missing in Action to his brother’s memory.

4. Karate World Champ

Following his honorable discharge from the military, Norris opened a karate school in the US and started participating in national competitions. People might forget now, but he started as a legitimate karate master. By the end of the 1960s, he had risen to become the middleweight professional karate champion of the world. He caught the attention of stars like Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen, who encouraged him to go into acting. Norris was inducted into the International Karate & Kickboxing Hall of Fame and in his own words. He came out to be “The first man ever in the Western Hemisphere to be awarded the 8th degree Black Belt Grand. Master recognition in the Tae Kwon Do system….something that still humbles me to the core of my being.”

5. Saturday Morning Superhero

By the mid-’80s, Norris had become a household name, so he parlayed that notoriety into his own cartoon and comic books. Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos premiered in 1986 and tanked only after five episodes.

But that was still enough for Marvel Comics to put out an adaptation of the series. The comic focused more on Chuck himself, which unfortunately wasn’t a recipe for success, either. The publisher pulled the plug after just four issues.

6. Speedboat Racer

When he’s not saving the world and avenging evil, Chuck Norris has another passion: racing speedboats. In the late ’80s, Norris got into the high-powered and highly dangerous sport along with fellow action stars Kurt Russell and Don Johnson. Why did he enjoy racing speedboats? He told People, “I do it for kicks. And right now I’m looking forward to kicking some butt.”

7. Campaign Trail

In 2007, Norris began a new role as a blogger and political activist, appearing alongside Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee at major events. It didn’t actually help Huckabee win anything, but that hasn’t deterred Norris, who continued to campaign for Huckabee during the subsequent presidential election cycle.

“Now one of the Chuck Norris facts is that America’s not a democracy, it’s a Chucktatorship.”

8. Face off against Bruce Lee

Norris was cast as a villain opposite Bruce Lee in 1972’s Return of the Dragon. For the climactic fight in the movie, Bruce Lee called his friend Norris. The producer of the requested Norris to gain 20 pounds more in order to look larger than Lee while coming in front of the camera. Norris also said to Empire in 2007,” That’s why don’t do jump kicks [in the movie]. I couldn’t get off the ground!”

9. Chuck Norris action jeans

Due to being famous in the world of martial arts, he endorsed athletic products. He was chosen to be a spokesperson for the Karate jeans from company Century in 1982. These jeans were not only fashionable looking but also have the flexible fabric sewn into the crotch that makes it comfortable for that a deliver a bone-crunching kick.

10. Role in Dodgeball

Chuck Norris was asked to do a cameo in the comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, he denied initially. But later when star Ben stiller requested him personally the Norris accepted the proposal without reading the script. He gave the shot and when he went to saw the movie in theatres, he was surprised at the contest.